Blue Rhine is a supplier of a fleet of laser that cuts metal components and acrylic with highest precision. As the manufacturer of Accurate fibre laser, Blue Rhine is providing machines built from quality spare parts which includes the servo control system made is Japan, the production gear system and the rack gear the rack, which are German made spare parts. Which such extraordinary components of the Accurate fibre laser machine, customers get excellent finish and smooth cut with 0.02% precision.

Metal and Acrylic Combination Laser is a 2 in 1 laser ideal for Cutting both metal and non-metal materials. The machine specializes in high speed cutting of a variety of materials. The materials include Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Zinc ore and Acrylic. The fibre power of the Combination Laser comes in 300W & 500W. We also make custom made accurate laser machines in different variants yet ensuring the usage of branded components sourced from Europe and Japan.

What Blue Rhine offers

We supply Accurate Laser machines in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar & Bahrain.

Accurate Fiber Laser

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Accurate Laser FA Series (Metal & Acrylic Combination Laser)

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