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Heavy Duty Panels

About Heavy-duty panels:

The heavy-duty panels are designed specifically for the Building & Construction market.

heavy-duty panels


heavy-duty panels are apt for use in scaffolding applications, replacing traditional scaffold panels with more sustainable and a lighter polymer solution. Other applications include Sheathing, Frame Works, Garden Fences, Wall Protection, Wheelchair Ramps, Concrete Formworks, Sound Walls (i.e. when filled with sand), Temporary Flooring for Festivals, Weddings, Concerts etc.

What Blue Rhine offers:

Blue Rhine introduces STADECK SC552RS85 is a new heavy-duty panel which offers up to 32% savings when compared to traditional building techniques using standard wooden planks, which is highly beneficial in handling and the total weight of a construction. It can be produced in different colours like wood, stone & grass variated colours. The heavy-duty panels are available in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar & Bahrain.

STADECK Heavy Duty Panel

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