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Thermoclick : Facade Systems


Polycarbonate Sheets offer amazing properties such as high transparency, high impact and fracture resistance, high heat resistance, and good electrical insulation property. Lexan Stadeck is a new heavy-duty panel for the B&C industry. Mainly used in façade applications, Lexan Thermoclick sheet systems are made up of 40mm or 50mm, UV protected, multiwall sheet panels with a profiled tongue and groove connection. This inter-connecting system eliminates the need for vertical profiles, thereby potentially saving costs and enhancing aesthetics. The x-structure of the sheet provides exceptional stiffness and thermal insulation.


Hospital interiors, school canteens, restroom cubicles, raw meat/fish handling areas etc.


Lexan Thermoclick, Polycarbonate sheets with a tongue and groove click system. This is great to use in applications like interior/exterior partitions & External façades.

What Blue Rhine offers:

Blue Rhine is a supplier of a wide range of SABIC Lexan’s range of engineering plastics. The SABIC Lexan’s range is  available in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar & Bahrain.


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