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Blue Rhine provides the best quality foam boards throughout the GCC region. They are very strong, lightweight and easily cut materials usually used for the mounting of photographic prints, as backing in picture framing.


Foam boards are widely used in wall paneling, packaging, traffic signs, office furniture, telephone booths, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, ceiling boards, rare and side steps in vehicles, etc. They are extensively used in the signage and advertisement industries.


Foam board is acid-free and pH neutral, making it is non-toxic to humans. It is an environmentally-friendly adaptable material that is flexible and is suitable for home, office and industrial use.

Foam boards are extremely versatile in terms of usage, and they can easily be cut with a heavy-duty craft knife to form different shapes and forms. And, when cut, they provide a clean, straight edge. Additionally, due to the pH neutral and acid-free nature, they offer a suitable surface for the adhesion of photographs.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

Being the leading distributor of foam boards from many prestigious brands like Plexiglas in the GCC, Blue Rhine offers a wide range of foam boards in multiple colors and sizes through its stores throughout the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.

You can also purchase online through our e-commerce platform – bluerhine.store. Shop online for our lowest prices. It’s Simpler, Faster and Smarter!