About Kapa:

KAPA is an efficient lightweight foam board. It is superior in quality from normal foam boards that can warp during lamination or even from long periods of installation. Originally developed for the screen-printing industry, the surface Plasticizer is coated with Plasticizer on both sides allowing for excellent ink adhesion and vivid colour output. This same coating facilitates solvent and UV printing. Due to the flatness of KAPA plast high printing speeds can be achieved.As KAPA provides a non-crumbling foam core the printing environment stays always clean. Another significant advantage is the perfect image sharpness and colour intensity which is achieved due to the bright white surfaces of KAPA plast.


The polyurethane core provides a high level of stiffness and heat-resistance. it can be easily cut and cut out without causing the foam to crumble.

Why Blue Rhine?

As a supplier of 3A COMPOSITES KAPA FOAM, Blue Rhine provides Premium printing substrate for digital printing and screen printing. For Modelling and presentation board, Kapa foam board provides excellent flatness and very good dimensional stability. Problem-free application of solvent based inks and glues.The lightweight foam boards are available in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar & Bahrain.


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