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Thermoplastic Polyurethane

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NovoGenio TPU Interlayer Films and Edge Seal Tapes are most adequate to be laminated in Bullet Resistant Glass structures, with and without Polycarbonate, as per their optimal performance.


  • - Low water absorption rates (Better transport, storage and manipulation)
  • - Excellent transparency
  • - Low range thicknesses
  • - Good mechanical properties
  • - High temperature resistance (from -30℃ to +80℃)
  • - Robust weather and high-energy radiation resistance
  • - UV Resistance
  • - Excellent elasticity properties
  • - Good flexibility over a wide temperature range
  • - Good electric conductivity barrier
  • - High abrasion and scratch resistance ensure durability and aesthetic value
  • - Resilience to oils, greases and numerous solvents

For detailed uses and performance descriptions, please check ArtiBlogs published regularly at the following link: https://www.novogenio.com/NvGnBlueRhine

What Blue Rhine offers:

As supplier of NovoGenio in UAE, Blue Rhine offers technical and Optical Films for different Industries. check our website for a variety of Films and Solutions .

NovoGlass SF 1992 – IR Barrier Grade

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NovoGlass SF 1996 – Extreme temperature resistance with a 50% higher adhesion to PC than Standard Grade

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NovoGlass®ES1933 and NovoGlass®ES1937 – Edge Seal Tapes

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NovoGlass®SF 1959 – Standard Grade

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