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Jun 2021

Green up Your Print Acts with PVC-Free Print Media

PVC-Free Print Media

PVC and Sustainability

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the third most-produced synthetic plastic polymer in the world. Because of its versatile nature, PVC is used widely across an extensive range of technical, industrial and everyday applications.

However, PVC is one of the most toxic substances saturating our planet earth and its inhabitants. With increasing awareness regarding the health of our planet, there is a rising demand to consider alternative solutions that ensure greater recyclability and sustainability.

The Immense Popularity of PVC in Print Media Applications

PVC is widely used in the printing industry, among various other industries, because it can easily be produced into rolls and flat sheets of any size, thickness, and color.

There is no questioning the popularity and of PVC. PVC is cheap, widely available, lightweight, durable, and is easy to install and maintain. Since it isn’t a difficult material to manufacture, it is standardized easily.

PVC and the Green Dilemma

The problem with PVC in environmental terms is that it is one of the worst offenders of pollution. PVC is difficult to recycle due to the complexities of the product construction and has poor heat stability. It releases toxic substances such as dioxins and furans, contaminating groundwater, rivers, impacting water sources, the food chain and the eco-system.

In short, it contaminates the environment and humans throughout its lifecycle: during its production, use, and disposal.

The Green Solution

The only solution to PVC-related environmental and health problems is to step on the road to greater sustainability for print substrates by using PVC-free print media. Manufacturers are meeting demand by producing innovative pressure-sensitive media that can be used alone, or in combination with a PVC-free laminate to create stunning results with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) when printed with Latex or UV-cure inks.

Advantages of Using PVC-free Products:

  • Free from heavy metals, phthalates, plasticizers and isocyanate-containing compounds.
  • The same appearance, feel and quality as conventional PVC products together with the advantage of being lighter weight without compromising on strength or longevity.
  • Easily transported, even folded, without visual deterioration, unlike PVC products.
  • Fewer complaints about odors and fumes.
  • Less harsh on substrates.

The Blue Rhine Green Initiative

Get into the green spirit with our PVC-free print media and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions to the environment. We offer exceptional solutions to meet the requirements of sustainable development for your projects that demand environmentally-friendly products.

Some of the Widely Used PVC-Free Print Media Products

  1. Veilish Self-adhesive Fabric for Window Decoration

    Veilish acts as a self-adhesive net curtain and is the ideal non-PVC alternative to traditional architectural and decorative window films and foils. It is fully customizable with exceptional print results on the latest inkjet technologies. Veilish also has outstanding kiss-cut and contour cut capabilities, making it a revolutionary product in the architectural, decorative and privacy window film segment. Popular applications of Veilish involve home decor, offices, hospitality, healthcare, retail, schools, etc.

  2. Intercoat Polyolefin 90 μm White Glossy

    This white glossy polyolefin 90 μm film is perfect to produce PVC-free print for graphics and signage. Complies with EU regulations, it comes with topcoat for UV-inks and Latex-inks digital printing. The polyolefin film comes along with acrylates copolymer adhesive which is solvent-free and offers excellent resistance to UV light and aging.

  3. General Formulations - GF 213 TRAFFIC GRAFFIC®

    GF 213 is a 3.75 mil clear embossed polypropylene film designed for use as an economical protective laminate for Traffic Graffic® decals. This non-glare laminate is approved for indirect food contact and offers a permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive formulated for exceptional clarity and bond for printed graphic applications. GF 213 is intended for use as a laminating film for producing short-term indoor Traffic Graffic® floor decals, table and countertop applications.

  4. General Formulations - GF 250 Wall-Frog™

    GF 250 Wall-Frog™ is a 4 mil matte white polyester fabric with acrylic removable adhesive. Designed for only interior use, 250 Wall-Frog™ is ideal for economical small and medium graphics. It is 100% premium coated woven polyester and is great for the temporary application of decals and graphics to most types of painted smooth walls. The print compatibility of this product involves Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV Curable, and Latex.

  5. DESARDI® Wallpapers

    DESARDI® is a premium brand of digital printable wallcovering products that can be printed with large format inkjet printers. The brand’s product portfolio comprises a wide range of non-PVC alternatives that include the Eco Series PVC-free wallcovering, Acoustic Textile Wallcovering, Classic Series, Walltex Fabric-Backed Vinyl Wallcovering, etc., that are ideal for use in various applications.


Being eco-friendly or going green is not just a modern trend, but a way of life and a possibility to say “thank you” to Planet Earth which feeds the entire mankind and provides us with a place to live. A strive to live in a harmony with nature is vital for each of us and our future generations. Remember, even a small change can cause a great impact that’s why an eco-friendly approach to everything matters so much.

Get in touch with us as we offer exceptional solutions to meet the requirements of sustainable development for your projects that demand environmentally-friendly products.

NB: Some of these products are available at bluerhine.store and some will be available soon. Visit our online store to check the availability.

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