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Nov 2021

Make Your Pool Dreams into Reality with PLEXIGLAS® GS Pools


For many of us, diving into the cool water of a crystal-clear swimming pool and unwinding is the epitome of relaxation. Those times are long gone when swimming pools were just a tiled hole in the ground.

Nowadays, pool designs are more creative, innovative and trendy. As a result, infinity pools, above-ground pools, in-ground pools, indoor pools, outdoor pools, lap pools and swim spas have become increasingly popular, and an integral part of residential properties as well as hotels and recreational centers.

Irrespective of the type and design, if you want to build a pool and turn it to be a work of art, you need a solid product that can be blindly relied on.

In that case, your search ends with PLEXIGLAS® GS Pools which is exclusively designed to make each pool a unique designer piece.

The Material

PLEXIGLAS® is the world’s original acrylic that was invented and is still made by Röhm GmbH - a chemical manufacturing company headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany.

The company has extensive knowledge in pool applications as pool manufacturers around the world have been using the absolutely colorless PLEXIGLAS® GS acrylic to create the transparent elements of their breathtaking swimming pools for decades.

The term ‘GS’ stands for cast solid sheets and blocks of PLEXIGLAS® polymerized in cells between two high-quality glass plates.


PLEXIGLAS® GS acrylic has multiple applications in various industries. It can be used in private swimming pools, and hotel or spa facilities, as a contemporary decorative element, or to illuminate adjoining rooms.

PLEXIGLAS® GS takes advantage of the natural light that filters through the underwater window. These sheets can be installed in infinity pools and public swimming pools, and the windows can be used for watching or filming swimmers or other water sports.

In zoos and aquariums, PLEXIGLAS® serves to reflect on the life of animals under water. It can also be manufactured for industrial use, such as for large water tanks, and in various architectural projects that get very impressive visual effects.

Advantages of PLEXIGLAS® GS Over Glass

There are plenty of advantages in using PLEXIGLAS® GS acrylic sheets for manufacturing swimming pools.

Common advantages include:

  • 25 times harder than glass but 63% lighter
  • More resistant and safe against impacts (hardness - H4)
  • Does not break or shatter
  • Unlike glass, it absorbs and tolerates overpressures
  • It can be polished even under water

Properties That Make Plexiglas® GS Pools Indispensable in the Pool Manufacturing Business

Thermal Conductivity: The thermal conductivity of GS acrylic is lower than laminated glass, so the insulation is better which results in no condensation and less heat loss of pool water.

Optical Transmission: PLEXIGLAS® GS acrylic transmits more light than glass; Up to 92% of visible light is transmitted through it.

Scratch Resistance: Even the smallest scratch is annoying and impairs the overall visual appearance – especially on transparent and high-gloss surfaces. Cast acrylic glass, which is among the thermoplastics with the highest surface hardness, offers excellent scratch resistance, making it is easy to polish to remove blemishes.

Weight: PLEXIGLAS® acrylic has a lower density, which can range from 1150-1190 kg/m³ (kilogram per cubic meter). This is less than half the density of glass which ranges from 2400 to 2800 kg/m³. Transportation and assembly of acrylic materials are consequently easier and cheaper.

Durability and Guarantee: PLEXIGLAS® GS pool glazing provides excellent long-term performance. The permanent hydrostatic pressure on pool glazing means material creep must be accounted for in the design. The product guarantees excellent physical properties and thickness tolerances.

Fire Safety: The performance of PLEXIGLAS® indicates a high safety potential. It burns almost without smoke, does not emit any acutely toxic smoke gases according to DIN 53436, and can be extinguished quickly and easily.

Among these amazing properties, PLEXIGLAS® GS comes with 2 important properties that make it ideal for pool manufacturing.

The 2 Major Properties

  1. PLEXIGLAS® can be shaped without losing any of its robustness, allowing the sheets used in the construction of the s-shaped pools to easily withstand the water pressure. It is an essential factor that should not be underestimated when swimming high above the ground.

  2. PLEXIGLAS® GS Pools is immune even against high UV radiation and offers a 30-year guarantee against yellowing. It only displays minimal yellowing values, which are invisible to the human eye even after 3 decades.

Installation and Assembly

Installation of PLEXIGLAS® GS Pools must comply with the applicable local building codes and best practices for pool construction. Consult our technical experts for important information on fabricating with PLEXIGLAS® GS Pools that can make your swimming pool both functional and visually stunning.

Being the best acrylic supplier in Dubai, we offer an absolute range of cast, extruded and specialty acrylic sheets from prestigious brands like PLEXIGLAS® through our stores located throughout the UAE and in other GCC countries, including Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

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