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Jun 2021

LEXAN™ MARGARD™ HLG 5 Sheet – Ideal Solution for Vehicle Armor Applications


Gone are the days when conventional polycarbonate sheet materials are used to make glazing in vehicle armor systems. These glazing systems, made by traditional plastic, are not efficient enough to provide an adequate level of protection against the ever-increasing threats and risks that defenders face.

In this article, we put together some key points to help you understand how LEXAN™ MARGARD™ HLG 5 sheet overpowers conventional polycarbonate in improving the efficacy of bullet-resistant glass applications.

The Significance of Glazing Systems in Vehicle Armor Applications

While vehicle armor is one of the most demanding applications for polycarbonate, armored glazing for vehicle windows plays a vital role in protection and visibility. Whether it is defense, government organizations, large corporations, security service providers, cash-in-transit firms, etc., it is a key performance requirement for every armored vehicle.

Like any other part of an armored vehicle, its windows also must be resistant to direct fire, blast and the impact of fragments. They must also be able to withstand rough conditions such as exposure to sand and ad hoc cleaning methods. And most importantly, these glazing systems must enable the occupants to see outside, even at night or in inclement weather.

The Challenge

One of the major challenges faced by manufacturers of armored vehicles is the difficulty of constantly improving protection to meet the ever-growing security threats. As the sophistication and power of weapons increase, the capabilities of vehicle armor systems must also stay ahead of the curve with new performance enhancements.

In this scenario, conventional polycarbonate sheets can not meet the growing demands of vehicle armor applications. These sheets need improvements in three key areas that include spall protection, light transmission and scratch resistance.

Conventional PC laminates have a high post-cutting scrap rate of up to 30 percent, and to accelerate cycle time and lower material costs, armored vehicles need a plastic grade that could significantly reduce part rejects.

The Solution - LEXAN™ MARGARD™ HLG 5 Sheet

The only solution is to find the right product that can deliver better results, and, that’s where LEXAN™ MARGARD™ HLG 5 sheet comes in handy.

SABIC's LEXAN™ MARGARD™ HLG 5 sheet is a transparent 1-side hard coated UV protected lamination grade offering excellent optical properties for lamination with glass in mainly asymmetrical bullet resistant security glazing panels. It is an excellent candidate ideal for incorporation into glass/plastic laminations as the inside glazing layer. The HLG5 sheet is comprised of a base of clear, flame-retardant LEXAN™ PC, which is coated on one side with a special low-glare coating that resists fogging.

The Process

The process of producing window glazing involves cutting, grinding, polishing, curving and pre-laminating a stack incorporating glass, interlayers and polycarbonate sheet, followed by autoclaving.

By replacing generic PC with laminates featuring optical quality LEXAN™ MARGARD™ HLG 5 sheet, you can substantially improve the quality of vehicle armor glazing.

The Indispensable Properties of MARGARD™ HLG 5 Sheet

The MARGARD™ HLG 5 sheet offers high elongation to maintain cohesiveness upon impact. In effect, the HLG 5 sheet layer acts as a spall net, ceasing high-velocity glass fragments from entering the interior of the vehicle and causing injury.

It absorbs kinetic energy to provide high- bullet resistance for the system. With its excellent modulus, impact resistance and optical quality, the HLG 5 sheet can absorb ballistic impact without penetration. In addition to “catching” glass shards, the sheet itself will not pulverize or spall.

MARGARD™ HLG 5 sheet has exceptional light transmission, which ensures the highest optical quality and clarity, providing optimal visibility for our vehicles. Besides, this material will not spider, crack, or white-out on impact, and they offer excellent visibility even after a ballistic or physical attack.

Abrasion resistance is another key factor of the LEXAN™ MARGARD™ HLG5 sheet. The specialized hard coating on the interior side of the PC sheet protects the laminate from scratches and marring caused by flying sand and debris or rough cleaning in the field.

Last but not the least, upgrading to the new MARGARD™ sheet will enable you to reduce scrap and lower part rejects, resulting in lower costs and faster cycle times.


By using LEXAN™ MARGARD™ HLG5 sheet for armored window glazing, you can guarantee superior performance and protection for armored vehicles. Concisely, LEXAN™ MARGARD™ sheets can make a difference in the lives of soldiers, police, government officials, security professionals and those who are in harm’s way.

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