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Jul 2022

8 Indoor Signage Categories & Their Usage


Indoor signage is a collective term for any sign placed inside of an establishment. They are targeted towards individuals who’ve already chosen to explore what a business has to offer. Indoor signs are extremely helpful for any business as they creatively deliver subtle messages.

While outdoor signage is important to your business, it is also important that you do not overlook your indoor signage.

Indoor signs are an important component of your brand identity and the customer experience. With a variety of indoor sign types, you can guide visitors to their destination, inform them about your products or entice them to make a purchase.


With appealing and efficient indoor signage, you can establish your brand and use it to deliver your company’s message, give direction to your customer about your business outlet, and promote your products and services. These are the common advantages of indoor signage, but apart from this, you can leverage it to the maximum and transform the phase of your business.

In short, common advantages of indoor signage include:

  • It helps with branding.
  • It provides in-house advertisements and information.
  • It improves your overall atmosphere.
  • It allows you to create a seasonal feel.
  • It assists you in achieving government regulatory compliance.


Based on the various applications, indoor signage can be divided into 8 major categories, such as digital displays, POP signs, wayfinding/directional signs, lobby/receptions signs, banners and posters, wall and floor graphics, hanging signs and 3D/channel letter signs.

  1. Digital Displays

    Digital displays are one of the best custom indoor signage you can invest in. They are the best possible way to capture the attention and interest of your customers when they walk around and shop in your establishment.

    Digital displays are also an ideal option to distract your customers from queues, reducing perceived wait times. You can feature your commercials, promos, events, and infographics using LED digital displays.

    Video walls also come under the digital display category. A video wall is a multi-monitor system that includes multiple computer monitors, video projectors and digital displays tiled together to form one large screen. Libraries and exhibition halls utilize large video walls for various educational and informational purposes.

  2. POP Signs

    A point-of-purchase (POP) sign is one of the most effective tools for branding and marketing your business. Designed to increase interest in a service or product, POP signs are placed in a location where purchase decisions are usually taken by customers.

    POP display signs can range in shape, size, and structure. Whether a sticker at the end of a shelf or as sophisticated as an entire free-standing display structure that holds your merchandise, POP signs are an integral part of your indoor signage strategy.

  3. Wayfinding/Directional Signs

    Wayfinding or directional signs are the most common custom interior signs found in establishments such as shopping centers, hotels, retail stores, etc. These types of signs are used to assist customers and guests as they make their way through your establishment.

    Wayfinding signs help people locate particular areas or persons they are there to visit. A few examples of this particular type include signage that leads to the comfort room, pool area, and conference halls. Directional signs, on the other hand, are used to ensure that differently-abled individuals are guided properly in an establishment.

  4. Lobby or Reception Signage

    Lobby or reception signs are used to welcome guests as they enter the establishment. It’s essential to have signage that properly represents your brand to make a positive and lasting first impression on your customers, clients, and guests.

    Also called ‘impact signs’, effective lobby signs can create a feeling of professionalism, competence, creativity, or whatever you want to convey to your visitors as they first enter your establishment.

  5. Banners & Posters

    If you want to invest in custom indoor signage to advertise your latest products and services, limited-time promotions, exclusive deals, and similar things, then banners and posters are the best marketing tools.

    These types of indoor signs are inexpensive and easy to maintain, yet, highly effective in communicating with your target audience. They are also flexible as you can put place them in different areas in your establishment such as at the entrance, near the escalator, or beside the point-of-sale counter.

  6. Wall & Floor Graphics

    Perfect for aesthetics, wall and floor graphics can improve the overall ambiance of your business. Whether you invest in a full mural or opt to only install a couple of graphics in certain areas, you can create a much more interesting and inviting place for your customers and guests.

    These types of signage are also ideal for reinstating your brand, logo, and tagline throughout the place. The best part is that you can tell stories through these graphics such as your company history or service to the community.

  7. Hanging Signs

    With hanging signs, you can take advantage of the vertical space in a creative way. Hanging signs are ideal for communicating promotions, directions, and any other information to guests within your facility.

  8. 3D/Channel Letters

    Channel letters are custom-made metal or plastic letters used in indoor signage as well as outdoor signage and are often internally illuminated. Unlit three-dimensional letters that are applied to sign panels or monuments are usually referred to as dimensional letters.

    Channel letters are often mounted on a wall or above doorways. Projecting a contemporary look, they leave a lasting impression on your customers. Because of their special structure, channel letters offer some added advantages compared to other signs. For example, if a letter on your sign is damaged, all you have to do is to replace the individual letter, not the entire sign.


Indoor signs are an integral part of any establishment. You should have your outdoor digital signage content strategy aiming to draw the attention of your target audience. Then, let the indoor digital signage work its charm and engage your target customers on a more personal level.

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