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Sep 2019

Accurate Fiber Laser for High Speed & High Accuracy Cutting

Accurate Fiber Laser : For high speed & high accuracy cutting - ACCURATE-FIBER-LASER-NEWS-EVENT-THUMBNAIL-ART-090419-073-01.webp

Fiber lasers are an ideal choice for cutting materials such as carbon mild steel, brass, aluminium, and stainless steel.

Accurate Fiber Laser offers incredible versatility in cutting metal to create complex patterns. With its phenomenal processing speeds and newly improved processing capabilities, the Accurate Fiber Laser cutting system sets a new benchmark in laser cutting.

As the manufacturer of Accurate Fiber Laser, Blue Rhine provides machines built from high-quality parts which include the Laser head from Sweden, Servo motors & control system from Japan. Also, the machines have a German-made reduction gear system and rack & pinion system. With such high-quality components, the Accurate Fiber Laser machine achieves excellent finishes and smoother cuts with 0.02mm precision.

Precision and speed play a very important role in fiber laser machines. The structure and body of the machine play an important role in getting the right precision and cutting. Recently, we installed a customized fiber laser weighing 8 tonnes (the structure itself weighing 4 tonnes).

The manufacturer casts the structure with aircraft-grade aluminium and then it is distressing to have perfect alignment throughout the body and the table. This gives you the same precision and accuracy when you are cutting the same part either at the center or one of the corners of the table. The machine installed at our client has a closed body which makes it better for the operator’s safety.

The closed body machine comes with an automatic changeover bed, which increases continuous productivity jobs. We also have a version of the machine with an open body. You can choose between a closed body or an open body version, depending upon your production floor and space requirements.


Accurate Fiber Laser is the perfect machine for bespoke cutting applications for your clients. In the future, there is a lot of potential for more bespoke applications and customized designs. Increasing demand from several application industries to cut various industry components with high precision level and edge quality is expected to be a key growth factor. An in-house machine allows the company to design more samples and produce the designs in bulk.

The Accurate Fiber Laser machine is available in different variants from 300 watts to 4000 watts, depending upon the cutting requirement of the customer. We are experts in giving custom-made solutions required for your production needs.

Get in touch with us to have a discussion with our Sales Engineer and learn about which model and power would be ideal, based on the cutting needs of your company.

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