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Mar 2019

ADNOC “My Station” Using Peerless AV Displays

Adnoc “My station” using Peerless AV Displays . - peerless-at-adnoc-truck-01.webp

ADNOC has launched “My Station” service, a mobile petrol station which will allow users to fill vehicles with fuel more conveniently. “My Station” facilities can be placed in prominent high traffic areas and moved based on community requirements.

ADNOC undertook this project and contacted Blue Rhine for screens that can be implemented on the “My Station” trucks to display content. The screen is placed outside and therefore must withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions. For this requirement, Blue Rhine suggested Peerless 55″ Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Display.

Why Peerless 55″ Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Display?

With a fully sealed, IP68 Rated design and a patented Dynamic Thermal Transfer System, Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays are maintenance-free. The displays don’t require fans, vents or filters, and are fully protected against water, dust, moisture and even insects. The display’s cover glass is optically bonded, which increases the perceived contrast ratio and cuts down on glare, providing amazing picture quality even in direct sunlight. With an operating temperature range of -31°F to 140°F, Xtreme Displays are designed to thrive year-round outside, without the worry of extreme hot or cold temperature waves.

This high bright line of commercial displays offers 2500 nits of light output to combat high ambient lighting conditions. The ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the display’s brightness to optimize power consumption and enhance the viewing experience. Providing unmatched capabilities, Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays are the perfect digital signage or entertainment solution for any professional application.

Get in touch with us to know more about Peerless screens and their applications.

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