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Jan 2024

All You Need to Know About Flexalite LED Panels

Flexalite LED Panels

The installation of light boxes around large cylindrical pillars and giant shapes like plinths in shopping malls, hotels, airports and other public areas is considered a hectic job. And in the case of short-duration events, such as corporate meetings, business conferences, exhibitions and trade shows, the installation and dismantling of light boxes are equally frustrating.

Shaping and Installation Issues

Generally, curved or cylindrical light boxes are used to illuminate cylindrical pillars or other amorphous structures. However, these light boxes come with depth limitations, requiring a lot of LED strips or modules to get uniform illumination. This increases the thickness of the light box, making it project outward the pillars, producing excessive heat and consuming more power.

If you choose to use slim/edgelit light boxes, which can decrease projection and thickness issues to an extent, the lack of flexibility to wrap around pillars properly makes them fail the display purpose they are intended for.

Time and Effort Concerns

Generally, time-sensitive events require innovative LED displays and in most cases, the installation and removal have to be completed accurately within a very tight schedule.

During installation, the toughest part is to fasten and perfectly align LED strips, ensuring uniform illumination of displays. Also, at the time of dismantling the signage, safely removing the LED strips in such a way to reuse them later is a difficult and time-consuming job.

All of our clients – who indulge in large LED projects - wanted a sensible solution to these problems.

The Solution

Ultimately, we came up with a solution – Flexalite LED Panels - that enabled us to successfully install light boxes conveniently, helping our clients save time and effort on installation and removal of light boxes.

Flexalite LED Panels are super-slim, flexible and cuttable, and are perfect to use as the source of the LED backlighting for flat, curved and cylindrical light boxes that can wrap around pillars and cover other amorphous structures flawlessly.

Before explaining the advantages of Flexalite flexible LED panels, let’s explore the functionalities of LED light panels inside a light box.

What is an LED Light Panel?

An LED panel is a very thin, rigid or flexible panel that consists of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) placed systematically in an array or pattern. There are multiple uses for an LED panel that include indoor ultraslim lightboxes, exhibitions, POS stands, store signs, etc. LED panels are incorporated into general lighting displays due to their versatility over traditional lighting and the lower energy demands.

What Do LED Panels Do?

LED panels, apart from cost saving on electricity, contribute majorly to time and material savings. The designed layout or spacing of individual LEDs can provide uniform illumination to a wider area for specific ‘tough depths’. This otherwise would have needed good lengths of strips and a good time in mounting, connecting and soldering. This could be a major time and cost saver for tightly scheduled exhibitions and POS stands.

Due to a wider surface area of PCB, LED panels are efficient at “thermal management”, which enables the surface of the light panel to stay cool even after numerous hours of use.

Why Flexalite Light Panels?

Designed to emit a bright, even output of light across the entire surface of the panel, Flexalite LED panels offer excellent aesthetic appeal to lighting applications. Flexalite LED light panels are perfect for use in super-slim light boxes with 35 mm depth.

Flexalite LED light panels have a single Layer PCB and have 6 pieces connection, in series with a single wire.

The below images show how we successfully installed LED light boxes - using Flexalite flexible LED panels - around a cylindrical pillar at our demo centre in Dubai.

Unique Features of Flexalite LED Panels


Flexalite panels are flexible, they not only flex like a standard LED light strip but also bend around cylindrical pillars or surfaces of any shape. The spacing of LEDs is meant to take care of depths above 35mm without all the clutter, time and heat.

Cut to Fit Feature

These LED panels come with a specially designed “cut to fit” feature which makes them suitable for installation in any size. Each row of pixels, including 8 LEDs, can be cut and reconnected conveniently.

Easy Installation

The adopted XH-2Y connection makes Flexalite panels easy to connect and install. The super-slim 3M double-sided strong adhesive tape at the back allows easy installation on straight or curved surfaces.

Ease of Maintenance

In the case of LED strips, if any damage is found, the entire strip needs to be replaced. For Flexalite LED panels, it’s easy to replace only the damaged part, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Damage-Free Removal

One of the major advantages of Flexalite LED panels is that they can safely and quickly be removed and reinstalled at a different location.


It’s a fact that corporate events like exhibitions and trade shows have the potential to generate a massive amount of waste. But, unlike LED strips, Flexalite LED panels can be reused on different occasions.


Also, over the lifetime of Flexalite LED panels, less electricity and replacement products are needed, reducing costs in packaging, transportation and maintenance. This adds up to lower CO2 emissions, meaning you’re helping the environment as well as yourself!

Adopted High Bright 2835 LED

Flexalite LED light panels comprise 2835 LED chips with dimensions 28 mm × 35 mm mounted. 2835 SMDs (Surface Mounted Devices) can produce 360 to 720 lumens of light per meter of the light strip, depending on the LED density.


Eight cuttable LEDs, either horizontally or vertically, are provided for your convenience. One type of wire is given with LED light panels for easy installation. In this diagram, the red wire is used for positive and black for negative, and the sign will be illuminated when they are connected properly.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

We offer 3 years warranty on Flexalite flexible LED light panels.

Being the best LED panels supplier in Dubai, we provide an absolute range of LED lighting solutions, including high-quality LED panels, drivers, modules and strips in the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

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