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Apr 2020

Brand New Philips T - Line: Connects to 64 Students Through Wireless Screen Sharing

Brand New Philips T-line: Connects to 64 students through Wireless screen sharing - T-Line-Social-Media-Post-01-01.webp

Philips Professional Display Solutions, the market-leading digital display solutions provider, has launched a series of dedicated collaboration displays for the education sector.

The Brand-new series of T-Line displays are loaded with features developed specifically for all levels of educational settings. Available in 65”, 75” and 86” model variants, this latest range of interactive touch displays is sleek and stylish with narrow bezels, bringing quality design back into classrooms and lecture theatres. This display Hangs on the wall like a whiteboard.

Powered by Android – the world’s most popular OS with more than 2.5 billion active devices – the T-Line provides instant familiarity and almost universal usability for students and tutors alike while supporting all major operating systems, including ChromeOS, macOS, Windows, and iOS.

T-Line displays actively encourage students to participate during lessons, featuring 20 touchpoints, high-speed technology, and an optimized glass coating to deliver a high-class writing experience.

Mounted tightly to the wall like a traditional whiteboard or blackboard, the new T-Line actively encourages students to participate and collaborate during lessons. Each display features true multi-touch interaction, as well as high-speed technology and optimized glass coating to deliver a high-class writing experience. The displays can also connect with a keyboard and mouse and have the functionality to support Active Pen technology.

Running from a secure wireless connection, up to 64 students can connect their own personal computing device directly to the display at the same time, while work on up to four students’ devices can be shared onto the display.

Supporting all major operating systems, including ChromeOS, macOS, Windows and iOS, students can contribute to lessons by viewing, working with and manipulating a document without leaving their seats. All documents displayed and work carried out can be saved and can then be shared via third-party email apps, or stored in the cloud, ensuring students never miss a thing, while also being kinder to the environment, reducing paper waste.

Engaging Best-in-Class Education Interactivity with T-Line

  • 20 Touchpoints for team collaboration
  • The display Connects through WiFi or HDMI
  • Touch focus, via hand and pen – passive pen standard inbox. Also supports Active Pen technology
  • High-speed technology and optimized glass coating deliver a high-class writing experience
  • External connections, including HDMI and USB A and B on each side of the display, plus USB C on back
  • Platform independent (supports clients with BYOD from any OS, including ChromeOS, macOS, Windows, Android and iOS)
  • Wireless screen sharing – Up to 64 students can simultaneously connect their own personal computing device directly to the display.

As a distributor of Philips professional displays in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia, Blue Rhine has several solutions for the Education sector.

Need to know more? Browse our extensive range of educational solutions and contact us now to get expert advice for your next project.

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