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Nov 2019

Calculate Your Printing Cost Easily with Caldera Cost Proof Tool

Calculate your printing cost easily with Caldera cost-proof tool - CALDERA-THUMBNAIL1-01.webp

After Asking many of our customers having commercial wide format printers, we realized that most companies are unable to calculate the exact cost of production. This means many organizations are missing out on the significant savings associated with print costs.

Choosing your large-format RIP software is a vital decision. Many of our customers have various RIPs that came bundled with each printer they bought. Knowing about your production needs and designing your workflow is very important.

Ever think about having one workflow that drives everything from the aqueous proofer to the solvent roll press to the UV flatbed? And what about that cutter or the Computer to Screen device or imagesetter?

Caldera’s Cost Proof Tool is designed to help you calculate the pricing of a job more efficiently. It counts the number of pixels in the RIPed file and multiplies with the drop size of the printing mode selected, thereby giving you the exact amount of ink used down to the milliliter.

The Caldera is available in different packages, depending on your production needs. Choose the solution that’s right for you, add as many users as you like and adjust the number of printing and cutting drivers for your configuration.

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