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Oct 2018

Deco Emirates Gets New Machinery - The Accurate Fiber Laser

DECO Emirates gets new machinery - Accurate fiber laser - Deco-emirates-01.webp

The Accurate Fiber Laser from Blue Rhine is creating a benchmark in the signage and advertising industry with its exceptional performance. The heavy-duty 2200 watts laser machine is currently installed at the Deco Emirates, one of the most experienced interior contractors of retail and commercial projects in the Middle East. This machine is specially made for Deco Emirates by Blue Rhine which provides much faster results compared to water jet cutting machines.

This custom-made 2200 watts Accurate Fiber Laser is a 1.5m × 4m metal laser cutting machine that delivers super-fast cutting. The standard machine size is usually 1.5m × 3m. With the help of this machine, Deco Emirates can now complete projects for their customers much faster, which are usually from the luxury and commercial retail sectors.

This exceptional machine can cut a metal sheet design within 15 to 20 minutes. The water jet cutter, which was used earlier by the company, used to take 6-7 hours to cut the same sheet with the same design. This machine is currently responsible for around 80% of metal cutting work for Deco Emirates and is adding value to their business, in terms of efficiency and cost savings.

As the manufacturer of Accurate Fiber Laser, Blue Rhine provides machines built from quality spare parts which include the Japanese Servo control system. The reduction gear system and the rack gear are made in Germany. With such high-quality components, the machine allows our customers to get excellent finishes and smoother cuts with 0.02mm precision.

The Accurate Fiber Laser is available in different variants from 500 watts to 4000 watts, depending upon the cutting requirement of the customer.

Get in touch with us to have a discussion with our Sales Engineer to learn about which model and power would be ideal, based on the cutting needs of your company.

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