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Nov 2020

Enrich Your Printing Capabilities with the Sophisticated JHF R7000 Pro UV Printer

Enrich Your Printing Capabilities with the Sophisticated JHF R7000 Pro UV Printer - JHF-3-1-01.webp

The Mighty JHF R7000 Pro

The JHF R7000 Pro UV printer is a perfect combination of precision, speed and stability. Considering the print quality of POP and the high-speed output of outdoor large-format advertising, it sets a new benchmark for ultra-wide roll-to-roll UV output. The UV printer is manufactured with higher-grade electrical and mechanical components sourced from Europe and Japan.

JHF R7000 Pro UV printer 1

General Specifications and Advantages

JHF R7000 is armed with a water-cooled printing table to optimizes the use of a wide range of media, including thin media, allowing uninterrupted printing at a higher speed. It applies high quality, high-definition inks that are considered environmentally friendly, odorless, clean and easy to apply.

JHF R7000 uses one of the widest color gamuts in the industry that is capable enough to deliver sharp, bright and crystal-clear images, making the print pop out and differentiate from the crowd. Equipped with a high-precision mute linear guide rail, the machine ensures low-noise printing, making it ideal for print houses, and events and exhibition firms.

This UV printer also features four industrial-grade rollers with large diameter to guarantee precise media movement. With JHF 7000, two to three rolls can be printed together with different images, which makes it the best choice for large-format printing purposes.

The printer is available with Kyocera Series and Konica Minolta Series in 3.2 m and 5 m printing width. The Kyocera variable dot print heads with a native droplet size of 3.5 pl and capable of printing at resolutions of 600 x 900, 600 x 1200, 600 x 1800 dpi and 1200 x 1200.

Installation of JHF R7000 Pro at One of Our Prestigious Clients, Limelight Production Services LLC, Abu Dhabi

JHF R7000 Pro UV printer 1

The Company

Abu Dhabi based Limelight Production Services LLC provides creative and intelligent visual solutions to a wide spectrum of industries in the UAE. In the digital printing and imaging arena, Limelight offers in-house printing solutions for an extensive range of flexible and rigid surfaces (up to 5 meters in width), including Banner, Clear/Opaque and Frosted Vinyl, Canvas, PVC, Foam, Forex Smart Board, ACP, Acrylic, Glass, and MDF.


With a large base of consistent and loyal customers, along with new contracts, Limelight faced the production bottleneck that is seen often in the print business industry. Hence, to maintain their existing workload and to confidently secure new businesses, Limelight chose to welcome the fastest and most advanced JHF R7000 pro UV Printer to their production facility located in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi.

Benefits of Installing JHF R7000 Pro

Limelight provides digital printing solutions to several events and exhibition companies in the UAE. The installation of JHF R7000 pro at their production facility enabled Limelight to enhance the production of various prints and patterns by themselves, which they previously used to outsource for an additional cost.

After the installation, the company has begun increasing its manufacturing capabilities by onboarding new products to its portfolio. It also enhanced the pace of printing services delivered to their clients with improved production efficiency and reduced cost and time, without compromising the quality standards.

JHF R7000 Pro UV printer 1

Ink Consumption

The ink used per square meter has a big contribution to the number of consumables fed in. Consuming 452 liters of ink, Limelight has printed 43000 sq. meters in four months' time. Hence, it’s clear that the JHF R7000 Pro can print up to 95 sq. meters per liter.


Conclusively, the implementation of JHF R7000 Pro caused tremendous improvement in Limelight’s profit margins, the level of customer satisfaction and the breadth of its clientele.

This printer is truly adept enough to enrich your printing capabilities. To know more about JHF R7000 Pro UV Printer, contact us now!

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