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Sep 2023

From Rough to Refined; Surface Revamped by GF 285 RoughMark™ Vinyl

GF 285 RoughMark™ vinyl branding


In this article, we embark on a fascinating journey, uncovering the remarkable transformation of our central warehouse's outer wall using the innovative GF 285 RoughMark™ vinyl branding. This project is a testament to how creativity, precision, and modern technology can convert a dull surface into a dynamic work of art.

The Challenge

Nestled in the heart of Dubai Investment Park 2, our central warehouse had an unimpressive presence as its exterior fell far short of inspiring. This rough and plain façade seemed devoid of character, seemingly unremarkable.

Yet, within such unassuming beginnings, the seeds of creativity take root, where extraordinary possibilities emerge from the mundane. However, it was perceived as an opportunity, an eager canvas yearning for a bold, enchanting transformation.

The Mission

Despite its uninspiring appearance, the warehouse exterior held immense promise as a blank canvas eager for a vibrant transformation. This challenge served as a catalyst for our mission: to breathe life, energy, and limitless creativity into this once lifeless canvas.

Scope of Work: Painting the Canvas of Creativity

The project commenced with a blank canvas, ready to be adorned with vibrant colors and imaginative designs. Our team, a collective of creative minds, embarked on a journey to craft a design that would not merely change the wall's appearance but leave an indelible and striking mark.

Countless brainstorming sessions, experimentation with diverse color palettes, and meticulous layout planning were invested in creating a design that would become the epitome of transformation.


  1. The Ideal Product Selection:

    Choosing the right material was critical in transforming the design into a reality. It was decided that the versatile GF 285 RoughMark™ vinyl would be the perfect medium. A 90-micron matte white polymeric vinyl film, coated with a high-tack removable adhesive, made this vinyl stand out among the alternatives.

  2. GF 285 RoughMark was specifically designed for textured surfaces like brick or block, ensuring the installation was seamless and hassle-free. The repositioning feature added a layer of convenience, allowing adjustments during the installation.

  3. The Powerhouse Printer:

    Fueling our vision was the state-of-the-art JHF H3370 Hybrid UV Printer, a marvel in our machinery portfolio. This advanced printer brought our design to life on the GF 285 RoughMark™ vinyl, ensuring the colors popped and the branding became a visual masterpiece.

    The JHF H3370 is renowned for its ability to print on both flat and roll-to-roll materials, guaranteeing top-tier results. It is no ordinary printer; it is designed to deliver printing excellence. Featuring an "auto material thickness sensing" feature, this printer can effortlessly handle materials up to 65 mm thick, making it versatile and perfect for our project.

    The JHF H3370 prides itself on offering the highest resolution available and serving as the most cost-effective solution per square meter. With precise linear motion for dot-to-dot accuracy and multiple power levels of UV lamps to ensure optimal curing for various materials, the JHF H3370 stood as an invaluable asset in our creative arsenal.

  4. The Installation Journey

    The installation was an art in itself. At Blue Rhine, we emphasize the importance of thorough preparation for optimal results.

  5. To ensure a professional finish, we recommend following these steps:

    a) Preparation is Key: It's crucial to prepare the surface effectively before installation. We advise cleaning the surface the day before and on the day of installation to remove any debris, setting the stage for a successful application. 

    b) Create a Hinge: Begin the installation process by creating a hinge. Gently lower the liner low and flat, ensuring that the film adheres well to the surface. This step is vital, especially when working with low-energy surfaces.

    c) Check Alignment: Double-check the alignment to make sure the film is correctly positioned. Without applying heat, tack the film onto the surface by rolling the entire panel. This initial adhesion is essential for a smooth installation.

    d) Secure the Edges: Achieving secure edges is a critical part of the process. Use a heat gun on the highest setting to activate the adhesive. Remove the pre-mask carefully to prevent film lifting during the application. Take your time, apply heat, and roll slowly to ensure the film fully conforms to the surface, producing a professional finish.

    e) Overlap for Complete Coverage:To guarantee 100% coverage and ensure that the edges are fully sealed, it's essential to overlap the rolls carefully. This meticulous attention to detail is a key factor in a successful installation.

By following these steps, you can achieve a professional finish and maximize the effectiveness of your surface application.


  1. The Final Transformation - From Drab to Dazzling:

    The climax of our project was nothing short of breathtaking. As the GF 285 RoughMark™ vinyl graphics was applied to the exterior of our central warehouse, the entire space erupted with energy and creativity.

    The transformation was palpable. The once dull wall had now become a captivating focal point. The vivid colors and textured finish breathed life into the warehouse, turning heads and igniting inspiration.

  2. Pro Tips for a Stunning Finish:

    To maintain the stunning finish of the GF 285 RoughMark™, we shared some pro tips. Given that this type of film is often used for short-term applications, its textured surface can sometimes trap moisture, which might lead to bubbling or peeling. Proper sealing is crucial to prevent this and ensure a long-lasting, flawless result.

    The ease of removal was also highlighted, emphasizing that the film typically leaves minimal to no adhesive residue on the contact surface. And for those eager to witness the process, we promised an upcoming video demonstration.

  3. Enhanced Results with GF 287 RoughMark:

    For those striving for exceptional results, we recommended a powerful combination - the GF 285 RoughMark™ alongside the GF 287 RoughMark. The latter is a matte clear polymeric vinyl film featuring a high-tack removable adhesive. These two products delivered extraordinary performance and stunning visual results when used together.

Effortless Removal and Residue-Free Transformation

In the realm of creative transformations, the story doesn't end here with the awe-inspiring application of GF 285 RoughMark™ vinyl branding on our central warehouse's exterior. Here, we delve into the next chapter – the graceful departure of this dynamic masterpiece.

After six months of withstanding the elements and infusing the warehouse's exterior with vibrancy, the time came for the GF 285 RoughMark™ to reveal yet another facet of its brilliance – the ease of removal. It was an endeavor greeted with both anticipation and curiosity, as we pondered whether this transformational element would leave an indelible mark on the warehouse's façade.

A Remarkable Farewell

As our skilled team initiated the delicate removal process, it became evident that the GF 285 RoughMark™ lived up to its reputation, both during its wrapping and removal. The adhesive, initially designed to cling tenaciously to textured surfaces such as brick or block, now relinquished its grip without leaving a trace of adhesive residue behind. It was as if the energy and life it had injected into the warehouse's exterior had merely been a temporary, enchanting chapter in the structure's evolution.

The Unmarked Canvas

This seamless and residue-free removal showcased the remarkable versatility of GF 285 RoughMark™. Not only had it enlivened a once-dull exterior, but it had also gracefully departed, leaving behind an unmarred canvas primed for future creative possibilities. This feature solidified the vinyl branding's status as an innovative and transformative choice for our branding needs, offering a clean slate for what lies ahead.


In summary, the GF RoughMark series, anchored by GF 285 RoughMark™, proved to be the ideal choice for our ambitious vertical building wrap project. The results spoke for themselves. Whether dealing with brick, stucco, concrete, wood, or even challenging plastics, this vinyl series exhibited remarkable conformability, providing a paint-like finish on every surface.

The transformation of our central warehouse stands as a testament to the creativity, precision, and technological innovation that turned a dull exterior into a dynamic work of art.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

We offer a full range of digital print media products, including window films and vinyl from General Formulations in various finishes and colors to suit your diverse needs. Share with us your project requirements and let us help you find the perfect solution.

Watch this video to see the step-by-step installation process and witness the remarkable makeover of our central warehouse's outer wall.

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