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Dec 2018

Hybrid Monster : JHF H3370 Hybrid UV Printer

Hybrid Monster : JHF H3370 Hybrid UV Printer - 2Y3A9171-01.webp

The JHF H3370 Hybrid UV printer allows you to print 3.2m wide rigid substrates (extension tables included) or Roll-to-Roll (rewind and unwind with precise tension control included). Material feeds continuously without stoppage giving higher throughput. The H3370 Hybrid UV printer comes in 6 colors and an option for white ink.

The printer has many unique and convenient features like auto material thickness sensing, allowing up to 65 mm material thickness to be printed. Linear motion gives precise dot-to-dot accuracy. It also has many power levels of UV lamps for curing different materials.

H3370 uses Kyocera’s KH4J printheads, it is a 600-dpi high-speed industrial printhead with a 3.5 picoliter drop size (lowest in the industry) that can achieve 1200 x 1200 dpi printing output quality. The printer uses constant tension control on roll material printing to ensure the feeding system is stable, reliable and stepping accurately.

Its double-feed pressing roller ensures reliable positioning for printing. The multi-functional carriage control technology ensures the safety & convenience of the printing operation. As the printer can print on both sheet material and roll material, it has a huge list of compatible print media including glass, wood, bamboo, ceramic tile, organic glass plate, metal plate, leather cloth, acrylic board, PVC board, reflective film, canvas, rubber, crystal, carpet, marble, corrugated board, banner, etc.  The printer has a maximum printing width of 3200 mm and a maximum material thickness of up to 65 mm.

The Printer has some amazing features which include the complete inking system which ensures the printing is clean and safe. The nozzle cleaning function can easily clean the nozzles by flushing fluid without removing the print heads. The sub-ink tanks with constant temperature control ensure perfect and consistent inkjets in different environments. The ink power-off protection function will prevent ink leakage after sudden block-outs and the ink system has a premium high precision filter, which ensures clean and pure inkjet for print heads.

JHF High Quality, High Definition inks are environmentally friendly, odorless and prints using one of the widest color gamuts in the industry delivering images that pop out. JHF inks along with Kyocera 3.5pl print heads use less ink per square meter which makes your print cost the lowest in the industry.

Beijing JHF Technology Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of industrial inkjet printers. Since founded in Beijing in 1999, the company emphasizes R & D, which helps the company with rapid progress. Through the company’s development, Beijing JHF Technology Co., Ltd has become the first professional enterprise for manufacturing digital inkjet printers, industrial UV digital inkjet printers, digital textile printing machines.

The company also holds the utility model patent rights and the copyright of the computer software. The company’s products have passed CE certification and ISO 9O01 international quality system certification and have several independent intellectual property rights and registered trademarks. The company is a high-tech enterprise in Beijing.

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