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Dec 2019

LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ Sheets for Extreme Outdoor Solutions and Applications

LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ sheets for extreme outdoor solutions and applications - SABIC-EXTRITE-01.webp

LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ sheet is a transparent UV and abrasion-resistant formable sheet grade. The sheet is specially developed for extreme outdoor weather conditions like sandstorms and high solar energy areas. It has several potential applications like internal/external separation walls, advertisement pillars, bus shelters, public transportation, sound barriers, street furniture, machine guards, etc.

The intrinsic properties of LEXAN polycarbonate combined with a one-side protected surface, resulting in improved abrasion, chemical and UV resistance. This is backed by a unique fifteen-year limited warranty against breakage, yellowing, and loss of light transmission.

LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ properties give a unique resistance from sand abrasion and scratches. The sheet has a high impact strength, up to 250 times stronger than glass sheets.

The sheet has the following benefits:

1) SURFACE PROTECTION: LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ sheet has a one-side UV-/abrasion/chemical surface protection, with the opposite side being UV protected, giving excellent durability to sustain outdoor weathering. This superior UV-/abrasion/chemical resistance and toughness of LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ sheet are backed by a 15-year limited written warranty against breakage, yellowing, and loss of light transmission.

2) LIGHT TRANSMISSION: Transparent LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ sheet have excellent light transmission, between 87 and 90%. LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ sheet is available in translucent/clear version and in opal white, bronze and grey color. LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ is essentially opaque to all wavelengths below 385 nanometres. This useful shielding property can help prevent discoloration of sensitive materials placed under or behind the LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ sheet.

3) FORMABLE SHEET: LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ sheet is thermoformable and can be formed into the desired geometry whilst retaining the UV-resistant protection specially developed for weather-resistant applications. This can be done under defined conditions. For more information, please contact your SABIC representative.

4) CLEANING: For cleaning instructions, consult guidelines. Do not use abrasive or high alkaline cleaners; never scrape the sheet with squeegees, razor blades or other sharp instruments. Do not clean LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ sheet products in the hot sun or at elevated temperatures. Afterward, a warm final wash should be made, using a mild soap solution and ending with a thorough rinsing with cold water.

5) CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ sheets provide an improved chemical resistance compared to traditional polycarbonate sheets. Especially to chemicals like kerosene and xylene. In applications where the product will come into contact with aggressive chemicals, specific testing of the material will always be required.

Get in touch with us for LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ application ideas and a free quote for your next project.

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