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May 2021

LEXAN™ Polycarbonate: Value-added Solutions for Indoor & Outdoor Applications

LEXAN™ Polycarbonate - Value-added Solutions for Indoor & Outdoor Applications

Polycarbonate sheeting is known throughout the world of architecture and construction field as one of the strongest and most flexible materials on the market today. It has outstanding impact resistance over a wide temperature range as well as fairly good heat resistance.

SABIC has been serving the world as a leading provider of the essential material – polycarbonate - for various applications such as facades, roofing, partitions and cladding in the architecture and interior design realm.

SABIC’s LEXAN™ polycarbonate products have a wide range of capabilities that make them nothing less than a modern marvel which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, including houses, offices, schools, bus stations, bank booths, etc., that enjoy prominent usage around the world.

Outdoor applications require transparent and protective surfaces to safeguard against vandalism, burglary and other accidental damages. Protection is highly relevant for applications in those areas where extreme weather conditions like strong winds, sandstorms and high-solar energy penetration are present commonly or even all the time like in the Middle East.

This is where the SABIC LEXAN™ polycarbonate scores with its impact and abrasion resistance, enhanced shatter resistance, and incredible mechanical, optical and thermal properties.

Common Advantages of LEXAN™ Sheet Products

High Impact Resistance: Generally, LEXAN™ sheet products maintain high strength and stiffness on prolonged outdoor exposure, minimizing the risk of breakage even when subjected to violent blows by heavy objects.

Extreme Resistance to Abrasion: With a unique, hard surface coating that provides a high level of protection against unsightly scratching, LEXAN™ is ideal for use where frequent contact is anticipated.

Great Resistance to Weathering Effects: The surface coating of the LEXAN™ sheets increases protection against performance losses and yellowing caused by exposure to UV radiation in sunlight.

High Resistance to Fluids, Paints & Adhesives: The unique surface coating resists graffiti, enabling easy restoration to a new condition.

Premium Fire Performance: Flame resistance and heat stability are much higher than similar products in the same segment.

B1 Classification: SABIC LEXAN™ polycarbonate products are fire retardants that carry B1 classification as per EN 13501-1 standard.

Easy to Handle & Install: Light in weight, LEXAN™ products can be cut to size on-site using, allowing reduced lead times for re-glazing. This thermoplastic material can also be easily machined and cold-formed as well.

Unbelievable Anti-Vandal Glazing Properties: They minimize the risk of costly reglazing and allows frequent cleaning or removal of graffiti without causing damage.

Excellent Premises Safety Glazing: LEXAN™ sheet does not shatter or splinter, and it reduces the risk of accidental injury in applications like internal partitions and doors.

Safety Screens & Acoustic Screens: Ideal for use in built-up areas like stadiums, sports centers and other outdoor areas for deflection of traffic noise.

The All-inclusive Warranty: Most of the LEXAN™ polycarbonate products are sold with a 10-year limited warranty against breakage and weathering.

LEXAN™ sheet products are virtually unbreakable and provide practical solutions for areas of concern regarding vandalism and security, extending the life of indoor as well as outdoor applications.

Here is an interesting explainer video about various types of polycarbonate, featuring SABIC LEXAN™, presented by our Product Manager, Geo Thomas.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

Whatever your projects are, small or large, we can help you choose the perfect polycarbonate type, once you let us know the purpose of usage. Also, you can choose from a wide variety of textures and colors to either blend in with the rest of the structure or stand in contrast, complementing the whole project.

LEXAN™ polycarbonate products are available at our stores located throughout the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.

You can also purchase them online through our e-commerce platform – Shop online for our lowest prices. It’s Simpler, Faster and Smarter!

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