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Jan 2019

Oppboga Excellent Boards for Printing

Oppboga Excellent Boards for printing - maxresdefault-01.webp

Oppboga is a Swedish manufacturer of speciality paper display boards for a number of applications like hanging signs, free-standing displays, point of sale displays, retail displays and indoor signage. As a distributor of Oppboga in the GCC, Blue Rhine offers Oppboga Excellent sheets, a two-side coated board made from 100 % virgin fibres.

Excellent boards offer a bright, smooth, white surface with a clean centre which allows great quality prints. In flatbed printing, the flatness of the sheet and uniformity in thickness is a very important aspect. Available in different thicknesses, Excellent boards guarantee almost perfect thickness tolerance throughout the sheet.

The thickness is ranged in 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm, 1.5mm 2.5mm. The bright white finish of the sheets ensures excellent color output and the rigidity of the sheets allows it to keep as Danglers or as backdrops or hanging displays. The sheets allow you to take cut-outs once the printing is done. These sheets always have perfect flatness even for the bigger size sheets.

Most of the paper boards tend to warp or change their shape due to humidity or moisture. Excellent boards have a very high degree of moisture control, which is very important especially in our region. These sheets are manufactured in a highly moisture-controlled environment. It can even be used for short-term outdoor applications. Excellent Board is recommended for applications involving embossing, film and foil lamination, die-cutting, varnishing, creasing, perforating, cutting and scoring.

Excellent boards are ideal alternatives to foam boards, Corrugated sheets and Forex sheets in terms of their quality and competitive pricing. The disposal cost of PVC and other forex sheets is high, and these sheets are not recyclable. Excellent boards are FSC certified sheets which means 100 % recyclable.

The product itself is made of 60% recycled materials and the back and the front surface are 100% virgin paper to get the Bright White finish. It enables the Brands and retail outlets to use displays and advertising with a reduced carbon footprint.

We stock the sheets of sizes 122 × 244 cms and 100×70 cms. Get in touch with us if you want to see the samples and know more about their applications and test the product.

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