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Nov 2020

Philips Video Wall Series – The Ultimate Signage Display Solution

Philips Video Wall Series – the Ultimate Signage Display Solution - Philips-Innovative-Solutions_Web_Cover-2-01.webp

Have you ever wondered why most of the businesses that are looking for the finest option to exhibit and promote their products and services prefer ‘Philips - Signage Solutions Video Wall Series’ over any other brand?

Well, if you have, let’s dig a bit deeper and find out why Philips Video Wall Series is indispensable in the digital content display realm.

The Power of Digital Signage

Digital displays reach 70% of the public when compared to online video platforms and Facebook, which reach less than 45%. The content being displayed on digital signages can divert customers from longer waiting times and reduce annoyance, improving customer experience. Digital signages create approx 31% upswing in overall sales volume, and maximize cross-sells, upsells and impulse purchases, leading to increased sales and happier customers.

Recent studies suggest that digital displays attract more consumers (around 63%), which is considerably higher than that of Internet, TV and traditional billboard advertising. Also, almost 42% of retail video viewers prefer to shop at stores with video displays.

Philips X-Line Professional Video Wall Series

Philips X-Line Professional Video Wall Series is the ideal tool for any business that is in search of the most advanced and realistic display solutions to attract customers to their store or facility. Complementing visual experience in many applications, X-Line video walls are becoming more and more visible, producing big statements, grabbing attention and promoting brands in spectacular fashion.

Philips professional displays help businesses and organizations effectively communicate through dynamic and engaging broadcasts and messages. They are exclusively designed for demanding applications in highly visible and sensitive environments. From communicating information adequately to enhancing ambience, Philips video walls are the perfect option for any shop, retail store, lobby, boardroom, or other professional applications.

Unique Features

Philips – X-Line Professional Video Wall

Other Advantages

Apart from superior picture quality, Philips X-Line offers a range of incredible benefits including adaptability, interactivity, immersive visual experience with ultra-narrow bezel, minimal maintenance, low power consumption, increased lifespan and split-screen facility, among many others.

Besides, you can simply save your content (video, audio, pictures) on your USB and plug into your display

Few of Our Projects that Used Philips – X-Line Video Wall Series

1. Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, Dubai

 Philips – X-Line Video Wall

The capability of the Philips professional display technology to effectively interact with data, artworks and other visual documents is vital to the library. It can creatively engage visitors and provide them with a seamless visual experience, especially while depicting the history of the UAE.

2. Mercedes Benz Showroom, Dubai

Philips – X-Line Professional Video Wall Series

3. Dior Store

Philips – X-Line Video Wall

These X-Line video walls - made of surface-mounted light-emitting diodes (LEDs) – are the perfect professional display solution to inform, entertain and advertise content. They are clearer even from a short distance as the space between two LEDs is less in this technology.

The Smart Future Trends in the Digital Display Arena

  • Interactivity: Encompasses various elements, including gesture and motion tracking, facial characterization detection technology, and big data analysis, digital signages can turn viewers to users by enabling them to express their preferences and retrieve information that is specific to their interests through interaction.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Automation - AI decides whether a specific content needs to be shown to a certain group of customers by analyzing numerous indicators and databases.
  • Proliferation of Screens - Smart displays show only relevant adverts, providing a greater streamlined experience to customers.
  • Live Content Streaming – Using the cloud-based deployment, it is possible to stream live content to digital displays, enabling live streaming that ranges from 24-hour news in the reception area to live sales updates in the office.
  • Personalization – Through machine learning, it is effortless to personalize customers’ priorities and tastes. For instance, when a customer enters a restaurant, the signage can greet him or her by name and usher into the area reserved for them.

With the advancement of technologies and resources, video walls continue to get better and bigger, providing more room to display content.

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