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Oct 2019

RYARC: Digital Signage Software

RYARC: Digital Signage Software - RYARC-Sigital-Software-ART-102019-102-01.webp

Ryarc Campaign Manager provides an end-to-end media distribution and management platform which is easy to use. The software provides enterprise-level tools and scalability to enterprise networks and service provider networks of any size from managing a single screen to thousands of screens, at an affordable cost.

Ryarc Campaign Manager offers a single platform to distribute, schedule, monitor and manage content to Digital Signage networks which can also be extended to Audio networks and Screensavers simultaneously or separately depending on your requirements.

Campaign Manager, which is compatible with all common media formats, has one of the most powerful scheduling engines available. Also, it allows clients to deploy it over any type of network, be it LAN, Internet, VPN, VSAT (Satellite Multicast), etc.

Campaign Manager comes with a host of features designed to minimize downtime, eliminate site visits, and improve the overall manageability of your network with advanced monitoring, remote management and preemptive action tools. Some of the innovative features include local screen content control via mobile APP, user-interactivity with mobile devices, in-built QR Code integration, support for touch screen, on-demand and dynamic data-driven content, XML, RSS and social media feeds.

Some of the Industry Specific Uses of Ryarc Campaign Manager include:

Digital Menu Boards

Restaurants today have started replacing traditional static signs with digital menu boards and It is not difficult to understand why. Digital signs solve the problems that standard backlit boards face with space and item changes. Digital menu boards also help in creating improved branding and visual impact with efficient use of technology and space.

Ryarc provides a complete solution for managing digital menu boards helping customers to manage a single screen in a stand-alone store or an enterprise rollout with thousands of screens spread across different locations.

Video Walls

Ryarc Campaign Manager is used by leading shopping mall chains to not only manage their digital signage screens and audio but to also drive content on their large video wall installations. Campaign Manager provides enterprise-level features for remote management, publishing, monitoring, logging, proof of play and versatile playback capabilities for all standard media formats.

Government Organizations & Transport Companies

Exceptionally large, widely dispersed, multi-functional and varied audiences are all hurdles, a government institution needs to ponder when considering its communication channels. Digital signage can narrow this down to a single channel managed from a central location. Campaign Manager enables Government organizations and Transport companies to deliver real-time announcements over an unlimited area.


Digital signage in hospitality can involve a wide variety of uses such as digital menu boards, special price promotions, activity announcements and after-hours staff training. With Ryarc Campaign Manager you can Promote your dinner/drink specials, Play entertaining Content, drive lobby and banquet screens with relevant information and promotions.

Hospitals & Clinics

Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Dentist Chambers are realizing the benefits of using Digital Signage in the reception areas, waiting rooms, cafeteria, and other public areas to deliver informative and engaging content, health tips, information about their facilities, rules and regulations to visitors.

Ryarc Campaign Manager provides complete solution to medical institutions to deliver content to their Display screens, interactive touch screen kiosks in the public and staff area to deliver engaging content and information

Retail & OOH

Digital signage is widely used by Out of Home advertisers to communicate with a mobile audience. It enables OOH companies to deliver timely and relevant advertising in an environmentally friendly way that has revolutionized traditional advertising resulting in a decline of paper posters and static billboards.

The power of digital signage comes from its targeting ability, flexibility and cost-efficiency.


Ryarc helps educational institutes to deploy affordable Digital signage, campus-wide audio and screensaver management systems to promote cost-effective green communication network.


Ryarc’s Campaign Manager provides an end-to-end digital signage management platform for Banks and financial institutions with enterprise-level features for remote management, publishing, monitoring, logging, proof of play and versatile playback capabilities. Campaign Manager delivers Images, flash animation, regular and HD video, live web content, RSS tickers, XML feeds, in a seamless channel.

Ryarc Campaign Manager is being used by some of the leading organizations across a wide variety of industries around the globe to manage their digital signage networks. Get in touch with us to know more about the software and its application.

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