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Jul 2019

World’s Best One-way Vision Films from Contra Vision®

World’s best One-way vision Films from Contra Vision: - 1-ART-071819-025-1-01.webp

Contra Vision® is a world leader in one-way vision and other see-through window graphics. Founded in 1985 in Manchester, the UK, the company is committed to producing innovative solutions. With over 121 patents now registered in 21 countries and patents pending, Contra Vision® is the leader in both research and development and see-through graphic material manufacturing.

The company offers the best products for transforming glass into opportunities for advertising, branding, one-way privacy, solar shading and decorative architectural features while retaining excellent see-through from the other side.

One-way vision films give a vibrant graphic to the glass, clearly visible from the outside. However, from the inside, the material is partially see-through, which creates an appearance of a slightly dark finish to the glass, like a tinted window. Contra Vision® one-way vision films offer the world’s smallest-ever perforations, which leads to minimal disruption to the graphics. It results in high definition quality images and provides a smoother see-through from inside.

Choose From a Wide Range of Options/Finishes Depending on Your Branding Needs

Contra Vision® has a wide range of options for different types of applications. The Performance range is the classic, high-quality solution which is applied externally. Easy to install, and easy to remove, the Performance solution is highly popular in retail environments and as part of vehicle wraps where the design needs to cover windows, but not reduce visibility from the inside looking out.

The Contra Vision® Performance Range includes:

Performance HD White on Black

It is a white on black 40% transparency (60/40) perforated window film for one-way vision graphics that offers dazzling printed graphics in high definition. It offers the World’s smallest-ever perforations that create minimal disruption to the graphics. The results are amazing! High-definition quality images with greater detail than ever before.

Performance White on Black

Performance White on Black can be used for long-term applications, vehicle graphics and any other arduous applications, and where speed of removal is important, for example on building wraps. It’s the signature one-way vision film for the outside of windows

Performance Translucent White

Used for day and night backlit graphics, Performance Translucent White perforated window film is an option for indoor settings such as airports and shopping centers where there will be high visibility day and night. It allows the internal light from the building at night to illuminate the graphics from within creating a light box effect, unlike classic see-through films which can only be visible in the daytime.

Performance Clear

Performance Clear is suitable to produce long-term see-through window graphics such as retail branding, building wraps, and where speed of removal is important. The film is suitable for all ink types although white ink is required to back up the graphics. The design is printed reverse-reading and then backed up with a layer of white ink followed by a layer of black to produce one-way vision see-through graphics. This allows the visual to be seen on both sides of the glass.

Blue Rhine’s association with Contra Vision®

Blue Rhine is the exclusive distributor of Contra Vision® Performance Range in the GCC region. As the exclusive distributor of the world leader in One-way vision and other see-through window graphics, Blue Rhine is the one solution provider for Perforated Window Films & large format printing needs.

The Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA) at Al Qusais, Dubai chose to use Performance HD 40% see-through range of Contra Vision for the one-way vision branding on the glass facade of the building (by branding it with the FEWA logo). This graphic branding project is done by our client Saleem Jacobson.

Blue Rhine firmly believes that Contra Vision® products are products going to become more and more popular with the increasing demand for quality products in the advertising and branding industries. We have received a great response for the product from our customers and our Performance HD White on Black film is proving to be a huge hit for customers who demand the finest detail, coupled with a super smooth see-through from the other side.

Get in touch with us to know more about Contra Vision® and its different applications suiting your business requirement.

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