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Jul 2019

Yellotools: The Ultimate Tool Manufacturer for Sign Makers

Yellotools: The Ultimate tool manufacturer for Sign Makers. - YELLOTOOL-ARTICLE-THUMBNAIL-ART-072319-030-01.webp

Yellotools was founded in Windeck, Germany in 2004 and is today a leading manufacturer of innovative tools and accessories for the sign and wrap professionals.

Inspired by customer ideas and suggestions, Yellotools manufactures specialized solutions not only for sign makers but for people who label and wrap cars, produce digital prints, neon signs, banners and more.

Yellotools offers the right tools and solutions for all kinds of tasks around the one most versatile job in the world - sign making.  The company picks up ideas and recommendations directly from the end consumer to create specialized tools.

Many tools have been realized by their “DBS Program” (Designed by Sign maker) which takes concept suggestions and turns what you hate - into a solution tool that everyone will love. As a result, the company has introduced various squeegees, cutters, cleaners, cutting mats, stencils and much highest quality equipment to increase efficiency and eliminate time-wasting activities.

Blue Rhine has partnered with Yellotools to distribute these great products in the Middle East Region.

Yellotools Offers a Wide Range of Solutions like:

Car Wrapping Tools

Yellotools brings unique Car Wrapping Tools as these tools are made by consulting the Real Car Wrappers, who know the problems that always occur during Vehicle Wrapping.

StrikerSet is a vehicle trim remover set for professional car wrapping and sign making, as wrapping professionals need sometimes to disassemble some vehicle parts.

Whether car interior lining, trim or door handles, the 27-piece removal tool set made of high-strength special plastic helps you to do the vehicle wrapping perfectly. The panel removal tools ensure that you can disassemble the corresponding vehicle parts as well as possible.

The WrapStick Set is very useful for applying the vehicle foiling perfectly. With the new LacyTips HD, you can concentrate all the power on one point. If you need to lift rubber lips, gaskets, sealing strips, or decorative covers to put the vinyl under, you will require LacyTip HD. They are available in two different versions, so you always have the right Car Wrapping Tool at hand.

The WrapStick Carson is the mini squeegee for car wrapping on rubber gaskets. It is basically a small squeegee for vehicle foiling makes your Job a lot easier.

Cutting Tools

Whether it is the clean and fast processing of foils or the installation of stickers - it all depends on the right cutting tool.  Yellotools offers an extensive selection of cutting tools that you really need and make your daily work even more efficient. The cutter with rolling Blade has a premium Japanese rolling blade for cutting fabrics and exceptionally thin layers.


Vinyl Contour Cutter helps you to have a perfect cut along an inside or outside contour with 2, 3, 4 or 5 mm distance.  The Gap Cutter for right- and left-hand cuts combines eight different tools in one.

To cut through the silicone-paper backing of a self-adhesive vinyl is a pain, most of the time. And it´s dangerous as well, because of possible damages on graphics, car parts or other sensitive surfaces. BodyGuardKnife protects your graphics or your surfaces with its solid steel shaft. A special Teflon-coating improves the sliding ability and gives you a clean and easy cut through your vinyl or just the back-paper. BodyGuardKnife TWIN is a Vinyl Cutter for Two Cuts in One.

Squeegee for Sign Making Professionals

Yellotools designs and manufactures high-quality squeegees for every sign maker need. The squeegee list includes Plastic squeegees, felt squeegees, wooden squeegees, squeegee accessories, squeegee sets, and matching squeegee covers, available in various materials and colors.


The company has also introduced the world’s first antibacterial squeegee.

yello twin base

Yello Twin Base is a squeegee with two different degrees of hardness in one hand. Its handle consists of two shells, into each of which you can insert the desired squeegee tip. From very soft (35° Shore) to very hard (93° Shore) any combination is possible.

Labeling Tools

Yellotools has specialized labeling tools !! SpeedMag HD is a powerful magnet, a powerful tool in Labeling products. GeckoPatch is the magnet for non-magnetic surfaces during Car Wrapping. Many vehicles or vehicle parts are non-magnetic today. Therefore, it is often problematic to perform the vehicle foiling or to position the slides. It is the solution for non-magnetic materials in Vehicle Foiling.

Labeling tools

WallRoller Handy Mono is Perfect for floor and wall applications YelloBrush combines 3 tools in one. With Yellobrush, you get a heat gun or torch in one hand and YelloBrush in the other.

In Sign Making, mounting advertising signs and banners is a daily task. Yellotools has developed a lot of useful assembly helpers and tools for measuring and aligning. Also, Yellotools understands that the tool organization has great importance in Signmaking technology. So, it has some amazing products for tool organization such as Signtoolbox, Yellobelt, etc.

Brilliant ideas and thoughts directly from sign makers and customers have greatly influenced the product catalog of Yellotools. Chances are that most of your desired favorite tools are first created by them and they are constantly challenging themselves to develop even better tools in the sign making industry that is constantly changing and evolving.

Get in touch with us to know more about the Yellotools product range.

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