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Mar 2020

Experience Ultimate Visual Performance with Absen Kl Commercial Displays

Experience Ultimate visual performance with Absen KL Commercial Displays - ABSEN-Article-Thumbnail-01-01.webp

Blue Rhine has partnered with Absen, the global leader in LED display solutions, to bring the brand-new KL series to the UAE Market. Absen KL Commercial Display is a fixed indoor LED display with a perfect balance of excellent visual performance, ease of operation and price.


Mar 2020

Meet the Next Level Corporate Collaboration With the New Philips C and B Lines

Meet next level corporate collaboration with the New Philips C and B-Lines - Meeting-next-level-corporate-collaboration-with-the-brand-new-C-and-B-Lines-01.webp

Philips Professional Display Solutions, the market-leading digital display solutions provider, has launched a series of dedicated collaboration displays for the corporate markets.

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